Hello, my name is Juan Pablo, and I'am software engineer. For personal reasons, I want to map the knowledge a technical person currently needs in order to develop professionally in the IT world.

Yes, I know there are a lot of infographycs about it, I may include some of them here, but I want to try a different approach, I want to tell a story, not mine nor someone else's, but how in the end, any person can end in the IT world, and make a living of it.

The first way is the simplest one, you choose to follow the computer science path. You start in highschool or college, taking some courses, or learning on your own (very ease in the age of the internet), any way, from the start you know you want to have your way with computers and technology.

Personally, when I was a child, I visited an uncle who had a computer, and he put a game for me to play, a Breakout game, and I just liked pressing the keys to play it.

Some years later, my parents put me in a programming summer course. It was a very simple system, you typed the instructions and a turtle moved the way you instructed it. There was more content, but this is what I remember.

It's curious, at least for me, that in secondary school and highschool I didn't really grasped the computer classes. I did well, but I did not really feel what programning was, until my college classes. Still I did not know the whole panorama of the IT field.

There are many other examples of why people selected the road to computer sciences. I've known of some that started because they had eary access to computers, and evolved from there. Others wanted to write videogames. Ask Google and I'm sure you'll find plenty of stories that led to a degree in the field.

But, as I already said, computer sciences is not the only way. I know a chef turned into a developer, engineers in other fields that ended moving to IT in the middle of college, or even way after college. Mathematicians, physicians and people from other careers that had to learn to write software, and ended up in IT.

We can't deny that today almost everything revolves around technology, and coding is a great skill to learn. But there are many branches in this tree, and the more you know, the stem is stronger, and the future is brighter.